Imbalanced Economics in MLB: The 1950s


Much has been written and talked about in the past several years about the uneven economic conditions in major league baseball. We use terms like the “Evil Empire” and “big markets/small markets” to describe what generally is being accepted as an imbalance in the competitiveness of the sport. I use …

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Disequilibrium of World Economics


Recently, I am looking at the books about economics and trying to understand the economic recession/depression at the moment. I know I am reading something rather obvious or at entry-level in terms of economics; but as a scholar, I always believe in 1 theory: common sense can explain all. When …

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The importance of gold in history and today

Gold has always been popular because it has been associated with luxury and great status and due to its stability as a long-term investment, it is the reason for the current trend of retirement certified gold exchange, a program where pension savings are made through investments in gold. Since ancient …

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