The Politics of La Merced

A close up of a street in front of a building

Mexico City: I came down here to work-to finish editing a novel and to write articles for a magazine in Paris that I couldn’t pronounce the name of. They told me that the place I was staying is the Chelsea Hotel of Mexico City. Well, there’s a man rolling around …

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Dinner Table Politics

A group of people sitting at a table

Many members within a family hold different beliefs on various issues like religion and politics. For this reason, many members of those families expect a bit of controversy when they come together for a special occasion or just to have dinner. With the November presidential elections upon us, we can …

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The Politics of Prejudice

A group of people posing for the camera

You’re black, you must be voting for Obama. “You’re a woman, you must be voting for Hillary.” “You’re a Christian, you must be voting for Huckabee.” “You’re a naval officer, you must be voting for McCain.” Why do we let political candidates and pundits pigeon-hole us? Why do we let …

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