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Beautiful Jewelry is a treasure. A beautiful necklace of garnet or amethyst will add just the right touch to that special occasion. John in Beautiful Jewelry finally got the beautiful wedding bands, turquoise rings, wooden watches and engagement rings that they had lost to replace them. This store is a favorite for gifts.

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They were very helpful and kind with my purchase of a ring and my return of the jewelry. I had taken measurements to make sure the earrings fit properly, even though they were returned. They did not, however, and I got lucky enough to find out about this while making the exchange. However, they were still much more than happy to replace them. The manager returned my jewelry promptly to me just in time for our special dinner date.

I have appreciated Beautiful Jewelry since sharing with my mother the local jeweler she refers to as “the jeweler”. We have had many types of jewelry and beautiful pieces to choose from. They are always willing to make suggestions if we are having trouble finding a certain type or style. Their friendly service and helpful advice has definitely kept my mother satisfied and in business for many years.

Beautiful Jewelry stores can be found in many locations. Each location is unique and each has its own hours of operation. Studio City is the best place to shop. I still visit Studio City on a regular basis, and enjoy going there to buy jewelry for gifts or for my own collection. It’s a great place to browse and “try on” jewelry.

It’s important to remember to shop early for these beautiful treasures. The sales are slower and the season ends can get crowded. Although discounts are offered by many online stores, they are often only available to early birds. It’s easy to shop online for fine jewelry. The prices are also great.

I’m lucky enough to live near downtown Los Angeles and benefit from walkways that lead right down to the many local stores. It allows me to keep up with all of my purchases without getting out of my car. In addition to the local stores I’ve purchased beautiful earrings from Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, JCPenny, Bath & Body Works, Crate & Barrel, and more. I’m sure I haven’t forgotten any!

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