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COSI Science Center: a Hands on Science Museum

It was early Friday afternoon when I pulled my daughter out of school to hit the road for a 2 1/2 hour drive south. Where were we headed? To Columbus, Ohio, and the exciting adventure of COSI Science Museum! This was a trip with her Brownie (Girl Scout) Troop, and was going to be an overnighter.

We arrived and were quickly ushered into a special “group only” entrance. We were given lockers to store our overnight gear, and we headed off to a quick orientation. Shortly after, we went upstairs to the cafeteria and enjoyed a pizza dinner. Once we finally got turned loose to explore, our girls were ready and raring to go! What did they find first? The Unicycle ride on the second floor! One girl at a time is strapped into a unicycle and rides across a high wire- OVER the entire first floor! Clearly the mom’s were more terrified than the girls!

At 10:00 COSI puts on a dance for the girl’s, and we all had a blast! Finally, at 11:00, we retrieved our nighttime gear and set up on the floor to sleep. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I think we were all too tired to let it really bother us.

The staff at COSI was very good at dealing with the girl’s and the groups as a whole. I was quite impressed with every staff member we encountered. They turned little science lessons into a lot of fun. I learned a lot myself!

COSI science center, in Columbus, Ohio, is a trip that everyone family should strive to make! With it’s live shows, exhibits and movies, there is something for everyone. COSI is located at 333 W. Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio. The admission prices vary, but are well worth every dollar. As of publication, the admission prices are:

$18.50 for adults 13+
$12.50 for adults (without the movie ticket)

$13.50 for youth 2-12
$7.50 for youth (without the movie ticket)

$16.50 for Seniors 60+
$10.50 for Seniors (without the movie ticket)

COSI offers science themed exhibits centering around space, the ocean, physical science, weather, and so much more! All exhibits at COSI are hands-on, where everyone can participate. COSI has a way of making science a fun and educational experience all at the same time. They have hit the nail on the head when it comes to educating children.

COSI also offers many live shows, where thoroughly trained and educated employees put on live science demonstrations. The children learn a lot, are entertained and have fun all at the same time. Honestly, I think most adults learn at these shows too!

COSI has additional programs available to the public, such as programs for Scouts and schools, as well as families. One of their most enjoyed program is their camp-in, where children and spend the night at the museum and enjoy the museum when it is closed to the public. Girl Scouts love when they hold a special “Girl Scout” camp-in and scouts from all over come to spend the night and enjoy their special evening. This is the trip I was lucky enough to participate in!

One of my favorites is the family night, which is held the last Friday of every month from 5:00 to 9:00pm. Admission to family night is only $7.00 per person.

Facility rentals are available for any corporate or private event as well.

Beginning on May 23 COSI welcomes their new special exhibit, CSI. This exhibit is based on the television program and incorporates forensics into a fun science lesson for guests. Admission to this exhibit will be an additional $5.00 per person.

If you visit COSI and find that you love it, you might be interested in their membership program. At this time, a family of four can become members for $80.00. There are many perks available to members, along with free admission year long. Visit their website for more information:

COSI faculty members are very informative, polite and helpful. If you have further questions that cannot be answered on their website, feel free to give COSI a call at 1-888-819-2674.

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