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The Politics of La Merced

A close up of a street in front of a building

Mexico City: I came down here to work-to finish editing a novel and to write articles for a magazine in Paris that I couldn’t pronounce the name of. They told me that the place I was staying is the Chelsea Hotel of Mexico City. Well, there’s a man rolling around …

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Pharmacy: An essential part of Healthcare

Pharmacy is a specialty branch of medicine that focuses exclusively on the production, administration, distribution, and safekeeping of medicines. It is charged with the discovery, development, production, disposition, safety and efficient utilization of medicines and other chemicals and is a part of medical science. Pharmacy is essential for the proper …

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Tips To Get A Loan Fast!

There are several ways you can get a loan. Although it can take some time and effort to gather all the necessary information, it should not be difficult once you have everything in order. There are several ways to go about getting a loan. The most important thing to do …

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